The National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research (NCORE) is focus on the analysis and prediction of coral reef resilience in order to improve the scientific basis of coral reef management issues. The goal is to advance coral reef science to the degree that we can determine the range of potential consequences of a given disturbance or change in management strategy on both the ecology of the reef and the socioeconomics of the reef-dependent people.  In short, we aim to move coral reef science away from post-mortem analysis toward useful scenario testing.

NCORE's initiative to develop the Florida Keys Geographic Information and Decision Support System (GiDSS) is a step forward in an attempt to bridge gaps among science, resource management and public knowledge. The digital layers are presented here are based on previous experiences gained in real field scenarios, and whenever applicable, an animated time series of layers are presented to provide a better understanding on the dynamics of the geo-referenced data collected by various organizations. Expert notes are only a mouse click away. Read and/or listen to the experts are they describe the data presented.

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  1. Important! The GiDSS graphic user interface (GUI) requires a browser that supports JavaScript and ESRI's ArcExplore 4.x Java Edition browser add-in. Click here to go to ESRI's download page and instructions on how to install the software.

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