Joaquin Rodrigo Garza-Perez

Post-Doc, Marine Geology and Geophysics
Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science
University of Miami
email: [email protected]

I am a postdoctoral research associate, collaborating with Dr. Robert Ginsburg in the Marine Geology and Geophysics Division at RSMAS. I have a Masters in Science with a specialty in Marine Biology and a Doctor degree in Marine Science. All my research has been focused on coral reef ecology with heavy emphasis on condition assessment.

My current line of work is the Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) Protocol (; I am helping in the expansion of this region wide reef condition assessment effort by carrying out surveys and training personnel (students, researchers) in sites not previously evaluated by acceptable protocol.

My main research interest is the spatial prediction in coral reefs, that is the predictive mapping of reef components, resources and habitats for addressing spatial ecology research questions and management/conservation implementation. This kind of research is largely based on remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and statistical modeling techniques, coupled with extensive field work and "in situ" reef condition assessments.

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