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The National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research (NCORE) was founded in response to the need for critical information on how to best assess and manage coral reefs of the Caribbean.  Located on the campus of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami, the Center's focus is on the analysis and prediction of coral reef resilience in order to improve the scientific basis of coral reef management.  NCORE’s goal is to advance coral reef science to the degree that we can determine the range of potential consequences of a given disturbance or change in management strategy on both the ecology of the reef and the socioeconomics of the reef-dependent people.  In short, we aim to move coral reef science away from post-mortem analysis toward useful scenario testing. 

The Center’s primary approach is to organize interdisciplinary research projects, pulling together highly effective international teams of scientists from the biological, physical, social and economic sciences. These teams address these vital issues with tightly integrated field, laboratory and modeling investigations employing state-of-the-art technology in computer science.  Additionally, NCORE has a strong focus on data assimilation and visualization, on developing advanced decision support systems, and on improving education and public awareness. It seeks to bridge gaps among science, resource management and public knowledge. Strong collaborations with research and management agencies, universities, non-governmental groups, and the private sector in both United States and abroad are integral to NCORE’s success.