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Hydrodynamics ABM

Marine and fisheries science has developed a number of biological models. However, very little effort has been made to model biological process as stimulated by the hydrodynamics of the ecosystem. Agent-based models of the hydrodynamics of the coastal area will provide scientists and managers insight into important processes like how the hydrodynamics influences migration of species, resource recovery, spread of diseases, red tide occurrences and introduction of new species. This will also serve as a tool for managers to predict the effects of man-made infrastructure that may disturb the hydrodynamics of the area on the ecosystem.. This will also allow the managers a tools to predict effects to the ecosystem for desired man-made infrastructure that will disturb the hydrodynamics of the area. 

Unlike biological models, agent-based models of the environment will be described by grids. The grid-size or resolution will be determined largely by the complexity of the study area, the amount of details desired and availability of computing power.