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Members of the Science Advisory Committee with some scientists involved in NCORE Projects. Photo taken during the SAC meeting held at the University of Miami - RSMAS (20-21 May 2003).


Billy Causey
Sanctuary Superintendent, Florida Keys
National Marine Sanctuary
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
U. S. Department of Commerce

Jorge Cortés
Professor, Escuela de Biología and Centro de
Investigación en Ciencias del Mar y 
Limnología (CIMAR)
Universidad de Costa Rica

Arthur Dahl
Former Director, Coral Reef Unit
United Nations Environment Programme

Ken Lindeman
Senior Scientist, Caribbean Marine Ecosystem Program
Environmental Defense

Ian Macintyre
Division Supervisor, Sedimentology.
Department of Paleobiology, Smithsonian Institution

John Ogden
Director, Florida Institute of Oceanography

Ken Potts
Office of Water
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

William Showers
Director, Stable Isotope Regional Analytical Facility
North Carolina State University

Robert Steneck
Professor, School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine

Jeremy Woodley
University of the West Indies

Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri
Program Officer – SPAW
Caribbean Environment Programme
United Nations Environment Programme


Click here to access the agenda and related documents for the 2004 SAC Meeting
in Miami (21-22 July 2004).
Please contact NCORE to obtain the password.