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John W. McManus
Director, National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research (NCORE)
Professor of Marine Biology and Fisheries, University of Miami


B.S. (1974) University of Connecticut, Storrs
M.S. (1978) University of Connecticut, Storrs
Ph.D. (1985) University of Rhode Island, Narragansett

Professional Activities:
* International Workshop on Coral Reef Bleaching, Co-Organizer 1999
* International Workshop on Coral Reef Remote Sensing, Co-Organizer 1999
* International Coral Reef Initiative Global Workshop, Co-Facilitator 1995
* Conference on Marine and Coastal Remote Sensing, Coral Reefs Session Chair 1998
* World Bank Workshop on Sustainable Financing Mechanisms for Coral Reef Conservation, Partnerships Session Chair 1995

* International Workshop on Training Needs for Marine Protected Areas, Co-Organizer 1997
* 4th International Coral Reef Symposium, Programming Manager 1981 
* ReefBase, The Global Coral Reef Database, Founder/Past Project Leader
* ReefBase Aquanaut Volunteer Monitoring Network, Past Coordinator
* International Coral Reef Action Network, Co-Organizer and Past Project Leader
* International Coral Reef Initiative, Planning and Coord. Committee, Past Member
* Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, Sci. and Tech. Committee, Past Member
* FAO Working Group on Sustainability Indicators, Past-Member
* SCOR Working Group on Environmental Effects of Fishing, Coral Reefs Group Past-Chair
* SCOPE Biodiversity Project, Coral Reefs Group, Past Member

Research Interests

I am primarily involved in helping to identify and organize scientific (biophysical, socioeconomic, etc.) research crucial to coral reef assessment, monitoring and management. I have a strong interest in research at scales appropriate to policy-making, such as collaborative, international comparative studies across sets of reefs over periods of five years or longer. I have worked on benthos, fish and fisheries from the multivariate, ecological community perspective, and am developing ways to analyze ecological change in terms of dynamics in species hyperspace. In about 20 years working in Southeast Asia, I was involved in coastal management and research at the biophysical-socioeconomic interface. Currently, I am building 3-d automoton computer models of reefs, and helping to organize research on resilience and connectivity among reefs in the Caribbean.

Representative Publications

McManus, J. W., Me�ez, L. A. B., Reyes, K. N. K., Vergara, S. G., and Ablan, M. C. 2000. Coral reef fishing and coral-algal phase shifts: implications for global reef status. ICES Journal of Marine Science, 57(3): 572-578.

Pollnac, R.B., McManus, J.W., del Rosario, A. E., Banzon, A.S., Vergara, S.G. and Gorospe, M.L.G. 2000. Unexpected relationships between coral reef health and socio-economic pressures in the Philippines: ReefBase/RAMP applied. Marine & Freshwater Research 51:529-533.

Kleypas, J., McManus, J.W. and Me�ez, L.A.B. 1999. Environmental limits to coral reef development: Where do we draw the line? American Zoologist.39, 146 - 159.

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McManus J.W. and M.C. Ablan. (eds.)  1996, Version 2.0 1997, Version 3.0 1998. ReefBase: A Global Database of Coral Reefs and their Resources. User's Guide.  ICLARM. 160 p.  www.reefbase.org/

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Jameson, S.C., McManus J.W., and Spalding M.D. 1995. State of the Reefs: Regional and Global Perspectives. International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) Secretariat Background Paper, U.S. State Department. 32 p. :  www.ogp.noaa.gov/misc/coral/sor/

McManus, J.W. 1994. The Spratly Islands: A Marine Park? Ambio 23(3):181-186

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McManus, J.W., Ferrer, E.M. and Campos, W.L. 1988. A village-level approach to coastal adaptive management and resource assessment (CAMRA). Proceedings of the 6th International Coral Reef Symposium. 2:381-386.

McManus, J.W. 1985. Marine speciation, tectonics and sea-level changes in Southeast Asia. Proceedings of the 5th International Coral Reef Congress. 4:133-138.


John W. McManus, PhD
University of Miami
Miami, FL 33149-1098

Telephone: (305)361-4824
Fax: (305)361-4600
[email protected]



NCORE * University of Miami * Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science 
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway * Miami, FL USA 33149-1098