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Digital Maps/GIS: Antigua


Antigua is located in the middle part of the Leeward Islands in eastern Caribbean. To east is the Atlantic Ocean and to the west is the Caribbean Sea. The following is the initial compilation of digital maps of Antigua. If you are new to GIS, click here (What is GIS?) to read a document that introduces the basic concepts in Geographic Information System (GIS).


Click on the picture to access the interactive user interface to view the maps. For more information, please write to [email protected]. Metadata files for each layer are available upon request.




[Click on the picture to access]


Visitor's Map


This is an easy to read map describing roads, populated places, places of interest and local legal boundaries called parishes. These map layers can be overlaid with a geo-referenced Tourism Map published by the Department of Tourism, Landsat ETM+ satellite imagery, and digital elevation (DEM) maps.



[Click on the picture to access]

Environmental Map


This is a collection of terrestrial-themed digital layers including inland water bodies (drainage, water bodies and watersheds, and PGDM flood zones), mangrove locations, hypsographic features (e.g., hills, points cliffs), and other physical features of Antigua. The layers can be overlaid with satellite images, and elevation maps of Antigua.


[Click on the picture to access]
  Coastal Ocean Map

This is a compilation of coastal ocean based digital layers including hydrographic features (e.g., bays, harbors and channels), living resources such as coral reefs and mangroves, and ocean depth (GEBCO).  This map also contains the summarized site data for the Antigua AGRRA coral reef and fish survey conducted by NCORE in August 2005.


[Click on the picture to access]

Landuse Map


This is a land use map of Antigua.  The landuse data in this map were created for the Post-Georges Disaster Mitigation Project implemented by the Organization of American States, Unit for Sustainable Development and Environment.  The map classifies all land features in Antigua according to the following scheme: airport, industrial, military use, landfill, urban settlement, tourism, recreational/historical area, agriculture, citronella field, improved pasture, mixed scrub and/or rough grazing, woodland, swamp/mangrove, fresh water, and salt water ponds.


Other links of Interest

For more information on these links, please contact:

Vassiliki "Villy" Kourafalou
Associate Scientist, Meteorology Physical Oceanography
 [email protected]
Tel: (305) 421 4905

  Related Animated Maps

Click on the links below to access the files. For slow internet connections, it is advisable to download a copy before viewing the animated files (for Windows Internet browser, right-click and select "Save Target As..." to save a copy to a local directory):

  • Animated GIF showing the circulation in Belize reefs (GIF ~40.5MB; courtesy of Laurent Cherubin).
  • Animation of virtual larvae released at spawning sites from the mutton snapper in Cuba (MOV ~3MB; MP4 ~1.4MB; courtesy of Claire B. Paris)
  • Eastern Caribbean circulation model (AVI ~ 16.8MB; courtesy of Zulema Garaffo)



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