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The future of the world's coral reefs rely directly on how well they and their dependent human societies are understood by scientists, resource managers, and the general public.  Against the backdrop of rampant coral reef degradation and increasing poverty of coral reef dependent people, the National Center for Coral Reef Research (NCORE) envisions a network that will support a unique collaboration among specialists in computer science, education, marine science, economics, human ecology, and resource management to directly address coral reef resource management issues.  Employing state-of-the-art computing environments, modeling techniques, and advanced data collection methodologies, the results will be disseminated worldwide using advances in information technology, specifically agent-based Java programs and the Internet.

This site introduces the team and initiatives taken towards the realization of the Center's vision. Readers are welcome to communicate directly with any NCORE member for inquiries, individuals who shared resources to the center, and may contact the webmaster for comments on the content of this website.

J. McManus, Ph.D.
Director, NCORE


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