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 Comparative Analysis of Reef Resilience Under Stress (CARRUS)

Project Title

2.1. Comparison of Paleoclimate Records Obtained from Coral Cores from Belize, the Florida Reef Tract, and The Bahamas

Key Investigator Peter K. Swart
Project Duration December 15, 1999 December 14, 2003
OBJECTIVE(S) The objectives of this work are to compare proxy records of climate contained in coral cores of the species Montastraea faveolata collected from Belize, Florida and the Bahamas.  In particular we proposed to utilize stable isotopic ratios of carbon and oxygen as well as concentrations of Sr and Mg.  The ratio of the isotopes of oxygen (18O and 16O) responds to changes in temperature and salinity while variations in the concentrations of Sr and Mg reflect temperature only.  Using these so-called proxy indicators of climate one is able to ascertain changes in salinity and temperature and the timing of these changes between the three study areas over 100 year time periods.

Coral cores have been collected from Belize, Florida, and the Bahamas which are being analyzed for their stable oxygen and carbon isotopic composition as well as their minor element geochemistry (see for more on this activity).


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